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When I was aware of how crucial writing is, my life has completely changed. 

Back in the first half of 2021, I experienced severe stress with my 9-to-5 job, which was finally solved by the habit of daily journaling. 

The more I journaled, the more clarity I realized that it was time for me to change my job. And writing is the first option that popped into my mind. So, I gave it a shot. 

But the problem was if I opted for becoming a writer, I had to cope with tons of difficulties. One of them was the fear of writing and publishing my works as an ESL (English-as-a-second-language) writer. 

Amid these self-doubts and cluelessness, I found Ship 30 for 30. 

The course completely transformed me. And, I believe it’ll do the same thing to you. 

At the moment, I haven’t had any significant financial success to back up my recommendation since my Ship 30 for 30 has completed its voyage. All I have now to share with you is my first-hand experience with the course. 

That said, over the past 40 days of joining the training, I learned all the fundamentals of writing online and had a clear framework to kickstart my digital writing career in the right way. Now, I’m all in writing and working my way up to my goals consistently. 

So, when I recommend you join Ship 30 for 30, I know what I’m talking about.


What is Ship 30 for 30?

I’ve enrolled in various writing courses, but Ship 30 for 30 is the best. It’s different in terms of curriculum, teaching, and learning method.

The most comprehensive online course on digital writing

Found in early 2021 by – two successful digital writers Dickie and Nicolas, Ship 30 for 30 is a go-to place for everyone to learn about online writing.

 The course covers several aspects, including:

  1. Adopting a mindset of a digital writer: The clear avatar of a real digital writer that may wow you.
  2. The endless ideas generator: The magic formula that helps you never run out of ideas to write. 
  3. Writing headlines readers can’t help but click on: The ultimate guide to craft irresistible titles to impress your readers at first sight. 
  4. Formatting your writing for scannability: Everything you need to know to ensure your writing’s readability is within reach of your readers. 
  5. Content differentiation: How to differentiate your content even though you’re writing about a common topic.
  6. Twitter threads: Strategies to make the most of Twitter to leverage your digital writing game.
  7. Rewriting your bio: Helpful guides on crafting a bio that gets readers hooked and quickly decides whether or not to follow you.
  8. Naming and claiming your category: Using data to choose and validate your niche.

By joining the course, you’ll get:

  • A 30-day consistent writing challenge
  • Ten live sessions
  • A central resource hub that is jam-packed with tons of golden nuggets.
  • A super active community with thousands of like-minded writers. 

One crucial note: the course isn’t always available for enrollment. You cannot sign up before the current cohort is over (If you miss a cohort, you must wait two months for the next registration).

Who is Ship 30 for 30 for?

From my experience, this online writing course is for you if you are looking for:

  • Ways to develop a daily writing habit.
  • Essential writing techniques. 
  • The ins and outs of the game of digital writing works (and how to play it well).
  • Your own digital writing treasure map.

In general, Ship 30 for 30 is worth taking if you are interested in sharpening your writing skills and learning how to earn a living through writing online. 

What Ship 30 for 30 Have Done to Me

1. Changing my mindset of writing online

What Ship 30 for 30 shared about writing blew my mind. It gives me new perspectives, changes my mindset, and boosts my confidence. 

Writing is all about habit, not waiting for inspiration

One of the crucial goals of Ship 30 for 30 is forming the habit of daily writing. That’s why the first thing they mentioned at the beginning of the course is the right mindset a writer should have. I was sold on it right away. 

Not every writer gets inspired all the time, even talented ones. I realized that being a professional writer means writing daily, no matter we’re in the mood for it or not. The good news is the more you write, the more you write. By practicing writing on daily basis, it’ll naturally become part of your life one day.

A new definition of a digital writer

The course made me aware of the fact that: writing on my own blog doesn’t turn me into a digital writer.

Here is what I learned instead: 

A real digital writer makes the most of rapid-fire feedback loops to know what resonates with their readers, craft engaging writings, and the best time and place to bring their works to their audience. 

By testing and gathering data, digital writers learn what works faster, have strategies for publishing their own writing, growing the audience, and leveling their game up. 

2. Building the habit of daily writing

If you’ve read Atomic Habit by James Clear, chances are you’re familiar with the definition of the habit of daily writing brought by Ship 30 for 30. There are 2 rules of Atomic Habit you can apply to form a writing habit. 

Make it obvious

When it comes to writing, one of the most widespread problems many writers (including me) encounter is a lack of time to write. As a stay-at-home mom with 2 high-energy kids (me now) or a 9-to-5 worker who always felt exhausted after a working day (me one year ago), I had difficulty finding spare time to put my thoughts on paper. 

Here is the solution I found through Ship 30 for 30: Incorporate writing into my daily routine by creating my own writing hours (a.k.a scared hours). Once I make my time for writing, I stick with it and try to turn writing into a habit that I do daily, like brushing my teeth in the morning or having a cup of coffee before starting my working day. 

After testing several options, my best scared hours are from 9 a.m-11 a.m – when I’m likely to be most productive and least disturbed by surroundings.

Make it easy

Starting small is the first step to embark on your new journey without being overwhelmed. 

That’s why, in Ship 30 for 30, you and the other hundred writers will deliver a 250-300-word article (a.k.a atomic essay) daily, not a 500-word or 1000-word one. An atomic essay doesn’t take up much time and effort to craft. Therefore, the possibility of not giving up is higher. 

I’m a big fan of publishing 250-ish-word posts on a daily basis. My first 264-word atomic essay took me nearly 2 hours to hit the publish button. But, I kept writing consistently and putting what I’ve learned from Ship 30 for 30 into practice, and by the end of 30 days, my time for writing and editing an entire short post was 45 minutes. I no longer struggled with coming up with ideas and the writing process itself. Everything happens more smoothly and naturally. 

3. Broadening my writing knowledge 

As an aspiring writer, my fear of writing mainly came from having no idea how to write. 

I got stuck at figuring out what to write and was clueless when it came to putting my thoughts on paper concisely. I often wrote long sentences with vague-meaning words. Sometimes I crafted “meh” headlines that my best friend had to confess that she would not click on them if not because I asked her to read. 

Ship 30 for 30 saved me from that mess. 

The course covers most of the crucial aspects of writing, from generating endless ideas, crafting irresistible headlines, formatting your writing for readability, choosing your niches, sense of rhythm, and more. All this knowledge is tested and proven by Dickie and Nicolas – both of them are successful digital writers. 

Besides, the way the course founders designed Ship 30 for 30 pushes learners to practice as much as possible. That’s why most shippers (writers enrolling in the course) see a significant improvement in their writing skills. 

I have made the writing process much easier by seriously learning and immediately applying actionable and helpful guides in daily atomic essays. Now, for a 250-ish-word essay, it takes me 5 minutes to pick an idea and outline, 30 minutes to write, and 10 minutes to edit and publish. Maybe I’m not as prolific as other writers, but this result is satisfying for me. As long as I keep practicing, I will have a chance to speed up my work, right?

4. Connecting with like-minded writers 

You can’t find an active and enthusiastic community like Ship 30 for 30 elsewhere.

On the first week of joining Ship 30 for 30, I realized that the course founders wouldn’t give feedback to every single essay I wrote. And I was quite disappointed since getting feedback is one of my criteria for choosing a writing course. But soon, I realized I had made a mistake.

In Ship 30 for 30, feedback and motivation don’t come from the course creators but hundreds of other fellow writers. 

Being surrounded by like-minded writers not only helps you learn tons of golden nuggets from others but also motivates and inspires you a lot. 

After I posted my first atomic essay sharing about my decision of switching from a 9-to-5 job to a freelancing one, here is the godsend for me:  

Screenshot by author

Another time, I published a post and immediately received constructive feedback that helped me improve my writing skill.

Screenshot by author

Below are other things that you can expect to experience when being a part of Ship 30 for 30:

  • Shippers enthusiastically share their small successes, helpful resources, inspiring stories, and valuable advice.
  • Writers in the same niches or having similar interests gather in one place to empower each other.  
  • Nearly-1000-attendee live sessions with an exploding chat section.
  • A lot of lifelong connections and job opportunities appear.

They call it is: Come for writing but stay for the community.

5. Giving me a framework to start my writing career

After a course, we often think: What are the next steps? 

For some courses, even you go through the whole training, you have no ideas how to utilize what you learn to build your career path.

 But, it’s not the case for Ship 30 for 30. 

During the voyage, you have a chance to get familiar with the life of a digital writer; you know how to pick a suitable writing platform and niche to add up your authority; you get practical methods to build your audience, etc. These things form a framework to help you start or accelerate your online writing career. 

And this is my most significant success with Ship 30 for 30. 

I’m still an aspiring writer but no longer clueless about my following career path. I clearly know I will earn a full-time living by:

  • Using writing to launch my own digital products
  • Get hired as a freelance writer

With the framework I take away from Ship 30 for 30, I’ve customized a path for myself. And all of this preparation makes me confident and motivated to be all in writing. 

Tips to Make The Most of Ship 30 for 30

If you’re about to take Ship 30 for 30, I have some tips for you: 

Tip #1: In case you can’t afford the course, apply for a scholarship.

Not all writers can cover the Ship 30 for 30 cohort’s tuition fees. 

But, don’t worry. 

The cohort comes with a scholarship

In the scholarship application form, you need to answer some questions. And, I advise you to spend your time and effort seriously on each question. Be honest when sharing about your situation; be creative and sincere when talking about your contribution to the community. 

Your scholarship application will be reviewed manually by Dickie and Nicolas. So, be patient if you haven’t heard about them for a couple of weeks after filling in the form. 

And, if you miss the scholarship, don’t worry. To be honest, the fee is relatively low for what you get compared to other online writing courses. I firmly believe the amount of money you invest in Ship 30 for 30 will pay off.

You can apply for a scholarship here.  

Tip #2: Be active in the community as much as possible, but writing still is your priority

If you want other writers to give feedback on your writing, do this for them first. 

In Ship 30 for 30, you aren’t going to write only. Spend some time reading others’ works, then sincerely and politely tell them what in the essay make you like it or how they can improve it. Engage with like-minded writers on Twitter or within the community. In doing that, you’ll increase your chances to establish healthy lifelong connections. 

However, you should set a boundary for your socializing time. Remember, your first priority is horning your writing skill, mainly achieved by learning writing-related stuff and putting it into action, not surfing Twitter. 

Tip #3: Join live classes whenever you can

Once you’re a part of Ship 30 for 30, you have lifetime access to all materials, including lessons and live sessions. You can easily go through the writing theory part and watch replays later. 

However, you should stick to the course curriculum and attend your live online classes as often as possible. When doing that, you can establish a rhythm and routine for your learning, ask direct questions and receive immediate answers, join discussions with other writers, and more.

The best part? Joining live classes gives you more motivation to keep practicing writing and pursue your dream because you know many others are doing that — you’re not alone in this journey. 

Final Thought

I’ve finished writing 30 atomic essays in 30 days as required in Ship 30 for 30, and I have no intention of stopping writing them, even though I have tons of other things to do daily, including projects for my customers and myself. 

Now I have the confidence to say that: I firmly believe 2022 is my blooming year thanks to Ship 30 for 30. I saw what the course has done to me, and now I’m ready to kick off my game. 

You can find out more about Ship 30 for 30 here. But, if you decide to join the course, register through this link. It will help you save $100.

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